City Administrator/Clerk

The City of Morenci introduces City Administrator / Clerk Michael Sessions:


Thank you for visiting the City of Morenci’s webpage.  It is exciting to come back home to Lenawee County and serve you.  You will find shortly that I am a public servant who is passionate to work with the community to create an environment where you and I would want to live.

As your City Administrator / Clerk, I will strive to represent the community in the best way that I can.  Whether that is by providing you with sound guidance on issues facing our community to interacting with the public and providing the best constituent service possible, I hope that you will be proud of the work that the City of Morenci staff and I are doing to serve you.

My goals for the city are far and wide; however, to put in perspective, I hope that we are able to achieve the following in a short time frame: 1) increased support for our downtown merchants; 2) establishing strategic private / public partnerships that will focus on collaborate with various agencies in Lenawee County; and 3) strategic visioning for what the City Council would like the city to accomplish.

In closing, I am looking forward to serving you as your City Administrator / Clerk, and encourage you to contact me at any time.


Michael Sessions
City Administrator / Clerk

This position is appointed by Morenci City Council, and the City Administrator/Clerk is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the city.

Some of those duties include:

  • Responsible for facilitating the goals of the Mayor and City Council
  • Recommends an annual budget to the City Council.
  • Administering all city contracts.
  • Recommending all measures to the City Council that are deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the City.
  • Ensuring that the City’s finances are sound and that the City’s financial records comply with all state and federal law.
  • Administers elections, maintains voter registration records.
  • Responsible for posting all public notices.
  • Maintaining files of all permanent records of ordinances, resolutions, minutes, and official actions of the various municipal committees.
  • Responds to the needs of the community with contact to the proper department. 
  • Economic Development Activities

If you have questions, please give the City Administrator/Clerk a call at (517) 458-6828 x102.

Michael Sessions
Michael Sessions
Title: City Administrator / Clerk
Location: City Hall
Phone: (517) 458-6828 Ext: 102


Megan Thompson
Title: Chief Deputy Clerk / Office Assistant
Location: City of Morenci Offices
Phone: (517)458-6828  x104