City, Village, Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) Program

What is CVTRS?

The Michigan Legislature replaced the Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP) with the City, Village, Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) program in 2015. The program's aim is to promote accountability and transparency at the local level. By filing an annual CVTRS report, the City of Morenci will realize it's full share of revenue sharing. The report is due to the State of Michigan's Department of Treasury by December 1 of each year.

How does an CVTRS payment effect the City of Morenci budget?

These state shared revenue payments are a significant part of The City of Morenci budget?  They account for roughly 6% of the city's funding so it is important to file an annual CVTRS report.

How do I get more information about CVTRS?

Follow this link to the State of Michigan website:,4679,7-121-1751_2197_58826---,00.html