Rental Inspection Program

In 2004, the City of Morenci began a Rental Inspection Program to ensure the local stock of rentals are safe and compliant with building codes.  It is required by ordinance that rental units be registered with the city and inspected every 3 years.

Checklist of items to be inspected:

General Requirements:

  • Exterior and interior areas in clean and sanitary conditions.  Free from accumulation of rubbish or garbage.
  • Exits are unobstructed.  Each sleeping area will have egress to exterior.
  • All structures and exterior property free from rodent infestation.
  • All visible structural members subject to inspection appear free from deterioration.
  • Windows and doors in sound condition, good repair, and weather tight.  Windows are easy to open.  Exterior doors are lockable.
  • Every sleeping room has at least one window that can be opened or exterior door for emergency egress or rescue.
  • All common hallways and stairways have adequate lighting.
  • Smoke detectors located in immediate vicinity of bedrooms.  Smoke detector on every floor, including the basement.
  • Handrails or guardrails on any stairs more than four risers and landings or balconies more than 30 inches above grade. Shall be in good condition.

Electrical / Plumbing / Mechanical:

  • All kitchen sinks, lavatories, laundry facilities, bathrooms, and showers have hot/tempered and cold running water.
  • Plumbing fixtures maintained in a safe, sanitary, and functional condition, free of leaks.
  • Toilet rooms and bathrooms provide privacy.
  • Bathrooms and toilet rooms shall have a window that opens or mechanical means of ventilation.
  • Electrical service / fixtures in good working condition, properly fused, free of defects and be at least of 60 amp-three wire service.  All Edison based fuse panels are equipped with properly sized Type "s" fuses and fuse base adaptors.
  • Electrical system shall be free of all defects, improper fusing, inadequate service, insufficient outlets, deterioration or damage.
  • Heating facilities are provided and operated in accordance with safe practices and able to maintain a temperature of not less than 65 degrees F, in all habitable rooms and bathrooms.
  • Water heater installed properly with a temperature / relief valve and discharge pipe.  Water heater providing a minimum of 120 degrees F water.
  • Individual unit has a bathtub or shower, lavatory, water closet and kitchen sink in working condition.
  • Clothes dryer is installed in a safe manner with independent exhaust.


  • Property is maintained free from weeds in excess of 8 inches.
  • Sidewalk and drives are maintained in a safe manner.
  • Street number on front or near front is distinctively evident.
  • Accessory buildings, including garages, fences and walls to the extent visible on inspection are maintained structurally sound and in good repair.
  • Visible portions of foundations appear structurally sound and free from cracks and breaks.
  • Exterior wood surfaces are protected from elements and decay by painting or other protective covering or treatment.  All siding and masonry joints to the extent visible ar maintained weather resilient and water tight.
  • Roof and flashing is in sound condition, tight and does not have defects that admit rain.  Roof drainage is adequate to prevent dampness or deterioration in the walls or interior portions of the structure.
  • All chimneys, flues and towers are maintained in a safe manner.
  • All vehicles parked or stored on the premises are in compliance with the City Ordinances.

Inspection Fees

Registration: $25.00 - first unit.
$10.00 for each additional
Inspection: $40.00 initial fee
(fee includes up to 4 units)
$10.00 each additional
Re-Inspection: $0.00 - first re-inspection
$15.00 - all subsequent 
re-inspections for each unit.

Certificate of Compliance: No Charge


Water Deposit Form