Water And Sewer


The City of Morenci's drinking water comes from two wells located on the west side of Bean Creek in the water treatment plant on West Main Street.   Each of the two wells is 110 feet deep.  Water is pumped through an air induction system in an attempt to remove hydrogen sulfide, which is naturally present, at very high levels in ground water.  Hydrogen sulfide is responsible for the "rotten egg" odor in drinking water.  After air is introduced, the water passes through a series of filters to remove iron then Chlorine is added to disinfect. 

Drinking water, including most bottled water, may be reasonably expected to contain small amounts of some contaminants.  The presence of contaminants does not necessarily indicate the water poses a health risk.  Morenci's drinking water is tested daily to ensure standards are met and consistently complied with.  See Morenci's Water Quality Report and Hydrogeological study for more information on our local drinking water origins and status.  For more information about drinking water standards please contact the
Department of Environmental Quality


The City of Morenci sewer operates on a stabilization pond system.  Sewer water is pumped from a pumping station located on West Main Street, to the stabilization pond system at the Northwest corner of the city. 

Stabilization ponds consist of shallow man-made basins comprising a single or several series of anaerobic, facultative or maturation ponds. The primary treatment takes place in the anaerobic pond, which is mainly designed for removing suspended solids, and some of the soluble element of organic matter (BOD). During the secondary stage in the facultative pond most of the remaining BOD is removed through the coordinated activity of algae and heterotrophic
bacteria. The main function of the tertiary treatment in the maturation pond is the removal of pathogens and nutrients (especially nitrogen).



Morenci Michigan Stabilization Ponds