posted on May 19, 2016

CONTACT:       Michael S. Sessions                                                     DATE:  May 19, 2016
City Administrator / Clerk

PHONE:            (517) 458 – 6828 ext. 102                                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


MORENCI, MI – On May 17, 2016 the Morenci Police Department responded to a call from a City resident regarding two (2) pit bulls that had attacked and bit her outside her home. Upon arriving at the scene, a male and female pit bull were seen running loose on the street. The dogs began to chase a second City resident that was riding his bicycle in the area. The male pit bull bit this resident, but he fended off the attack by kicking at the dog. He tried leaving the area but the dogs gave chase and the male pit bull again attacked and the resident again kicked at the dog at which point the animals ran from the area.

The police gave chase attempting to locate the dogs in order to prevent any other citizens from being bitten. While looking for the dogs, the police were notified by Lenawee County Central Dispatch that calls had been received regarding the dogs and a request was made for assistance from the Lenawee County Sheriff Department’s Animal Control Officer.

The dogs were eventually located on East Locust Street where they tried to bite a third resident. The dogs ran from the area towards the elementary school, where children were playing outside. To prevent any children from being hurt, the police caught up to the dogs and redirected them away from the school at which time the dogs continued running westbound on East Locust Street.

A fourth individual was walking on the sidewalk on East Locust Street and upon reaching her the male dog attempted to bite her catching her shirtsleeve as she pulled her arm away. This individual advised the police officer that these dogs had, on an earlier occasion, attempted to bite her.

While standing on the sidewalk with this individual, the male pit bull charged the police officer at which time the officer drew his service weapon and yelled at the dog. The dog moved back and the officer holstered his gun. The dog then turned around and charged the officer a second time, growling aggressively. The officer fearful that he was going to be attacked again drew his revolver and when it did not stop charging the officer shot the dog when it was within five (5) or six (6) feet of him. The officer discharged one (1) round at which point the male pit bull ran from the scene and the female pit bull also ran.

Following the shooting, the police began to search for the male pit bull but despite reports from citizens who saw the dog running through town, it could not be located. The female dog was located and captured by the Lenawee County Sheriff Department’s Animal Control Officer.