posted on October 04, 2016
In 2015, the Morenci City Council authorized the City administration to begin a process with Poggemeyer Design Group (PDG) of Bowling Green, Ohio, to look at the overall infrastructure of the community. While looking at the overall infrastructure, the Morenci City Council was interested in learning more about the City's sanitary system, the condition of City streets, storm system, and water system. A holistic look into each of those systems was done with the grading of such systems detailed in the Asset Management Plan.

The Asset Management Plan was presented to the Morenci City Council on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, by PDG. Much discussion was had by the Morenci City Council, City personnel, PDG, and the general public about the importance of the plan. The Morenci City Council was provided with information on the stages of implementing such plan for the next ten (10) years. This will now be a point of discussion for them. Click below for a copy of the Asset Management Plan.

City of Morenci Asset Management Plan