posted on December 14, 2016

City of Morenci

Public Hearing

Chapter 20 Ordinance Re-adoption

Notice is hereby given that the City of Morenci will conduct a public hearing at

7:30 p.m., January 9, 2017

in City Hall (rear door), 118 Orchard St., Morenci, MI

to consider an re-adoption of an ordinance for Chapter 20 of the Morenci Code of Ordinances to authorize the operation of golf carts on city streets pursuant to MCL 257.657(a); and to provide for violations hereof and to repeal all ordinances in conflict herewith. A copy of the proposed ordinance is available at the link below.

                  Residents or taxpayers of the City of Morenci shall the right to appear and be heard.

Michael S. Sessions, City Administrator / Clerk

City of Morenci, 118 Orchard St., Morenci, MI 49256