posted on August 14, 2017

CONTACT:       Michael S. Sessions                                                     DATE: August 14, 2017

                        City Administrator / Clerk

                        Michael McAran


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MORENCI, MI – As part of the “One Team, One Town, One Family” brand, the Morenci City Council and the Morenci Area Schools Board have approved the holding of a joint customer service training through ZingTrain (part of the Zingerman’s delicatessen brand of companies) focused on “The Art of Giving Great Service.” The training will be held on Wednesday, August 31, 2017, with employees of both organizations. The training will be a four-hour session from 8:00 a.m. to noon. City of Morenci Offices will be closed during this time.

Previously, the Morenci City Council and the Morenci Area Schools Board approved a joint resolution adopting the “One Team, One Town, One Family” brand. The brand calls for several things to be accomplished within one (1) year by the administrations of the City of Morenci and Morenci Area Schools. The items to be accomplished include: the re-branding of all letterhead for the City of Morenci and Morenci Area Schools to include “One Team, One Town, One Family” displayed on it; the creation of new entrance signs for the community that state “One Team, One Town, One Family”, along with placing such phrase on all street signs; and a joint customer service training held with employees of the City of Morenci and Morenci Area Schools introducing the “One Team, One Town, One Family” as a way to deliver customer service. 

This customer service training is the second piece of the joint resolution to be accomplished. City of Morenci Mayor Jeff Bell is happy to see the training occur. His statement is the following:

“It is very exciting to see this exceptional training opportunity being offered as a result of the collaborative efforts between the Morenci City Council and Morenci Area School Board. If we are going to be successful in building our ‘One Team, One Town, One Family’ culture, we must be willing to invest in each constitutent. This education session (The Art of Giving Great Customer Service) is the first step in laying the foundation for which we will continue to build upon as we move forward. I look forward to listening, learning, and taking away some valuable tools to be used in the future from the ZingTrain session.”

Morenci Area Schools Board President Scott Merillat went further on to state that he is excited for the training as he believes it will fully embody the “One Town, One Team, One Family” brand that is being created. He mentioned the following:

“I am thankful for the continued partnership with the City of Morenci and I believe that the ZingTrain training with all employees will help both organizations fully embody the ‘One Team, One Town, One Family’ brand.”

Changing gears a little, Morenci Area Schools Superintendent Michael McAran believes that the expertise and Zingerman’s brand will provide for a wonderful teaching opportunity for the staffs of both organizations:

“Zingerman’s Delicatessen has become a world famous restaurant by investing in training their staff. That same type of training can benefit both the City of Morenci employees and the staff at Morenci Area Schools.”

City of Morenci City Administrator / Clerk Michael Sessions ended by adding that the training shows that both organizations are willing to invest in their staffs to effectuate positive results for the Morenci area:

“This training through ZingTrain provides both of our organizations with an opportunity to invest in our employees to provide them with tools to provide better services to our residents. Our main goal is to improve our community for future generations. This training will help us continue to do so through our ‘One Team, One Town, One Family’ brand. I’m looking forward to seeing the positives it’ll have on our employees.”