posted on July 15, 2019

Saturday, July 27

All items for must be at the street by 7 a.m. on this day.
If articles are placed at the curb after your street has been picked
up, the crews WILL NOT return to that particular street.

• Items that 2 (two) people can handle
• Items must be at the side of the street
• Limbs, boards, etc., must be cut in 4-foot lengths and tied
• Plaster or items of loose nature must be placed in boxes or
other containers that will hold up for proper loading
• NO VEHICLE TIRES will be picked up
• No refrigerators will be picked up unless CFC chemicals have
been removed and the appliance company that removed the CFC
chemical applies a sticker
• No acidic batteries will be picked up
• No paint or stain cans
• No liquids of any type
• No large auto parts
• No bricks, concrete or cement blocks
• No televisions, microwaves, computer monitors or
fluorescent bulbs

REMEMBER: Refuse pick-up is limited to residents of the City
of Morenci only. A penalty will be charged if rubbish from
outside the City is found being brought into the City.